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Support and after sales service

Providing to our customers an excellent after sales services is a high priority issue to us.

FlexLink spare parts are normally available for dispatch at the European Central Logistic facilities (CEVA Logistics) in Germany.

We offer technical support for all our projects and installations.
Our technicians, well trained and with years of experience, can provide the periodical and planned maintenance to the installations.

Do you consider Outsourcing the technical support for your FlexLink installations? Contact us and ask for an offer.

Project Management Assistance

  • Project management

  • Project supervision

  • Project coordination

  • Turnkey solution

Production LayOut Design

• Lay Out design , 3D AutoCad

Production Logistics

Production logistics = Management of material and information flows in a production process

• Management of material flow ensures that the right material is distributed to the right machine and workstation, in the right quantity and quality, at the right time.
• Management of information flow controls the process and product data through the production processes, provides process statistics and facilitates automatic QA. Standardization of the material and information flow streamlines and controls the flow through the value-adding processes and minimizes waste. This is valid in manual as well as automated work processes. As a result, you will get a production system that is easy to control with a balanced flow and strict control of the products through each process step.

Production logistics provides the resource to achieve improved total efficiency by means of production and capital efficiency, and delivering the right products in time.


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