News: 19-10-2018

Standardized collaborative palletizer

RC10 is a standardized palletizing cell with collaborative robot, it is compact, quick to install and easy to configure. The use of a collaborative robot significantly reduces the footprint, by over 50% compared to cells with industrial robots maximizing your production floor space.

The machine is specifically made for automatic palletizing of undamaged, clean and square-shaped carton boxes from a fixed picking position. Easy layer configuration with a tablet application, without any need for complicated robot programming.

The collaborative robot is user-safe, making a fence system or a cage unnecessary and instead lets the operator work side-by-side with the robot. RC10 is easy to move for one person, thanks to the docking station.

Machine description, RC10

The machine contains one conveyor and one palletizer with two pallet positions. It is a single pick unit, working at 8 boxes per minute, with a maximum load of 8 kg each. Delivery includes the option to be powered by both 110V and 230V. Built-in vacuum pump, which allows an effortless move of the palletizing cell – no external air supply is needed.

Configurable parameters

  • conveyor position (right; center-right; center-left; left)
  • gripper suction cup size (small or large)
  • conveyor height, adjustable support legs (700, 744, 774, 818 or 862 mm)

Engineering tools

You can quickly design a palletizing unit with the FlexLink Design Tool and get a preliminary validation of the capacity with the built-in simulation. This tool is also used to design conveyors and complete production lines. The unit is easy to integrate with the line design thanks to the drag and drop functionality.

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News: 10.10.2018

PAPASTATHIS BROS will participate in the SYSKEVASIA 2018 exhibition,
which will be held from 12 to 15 October 2018 at METROPOLITAN EXPO

News: 16.01.2018

New chain for improved stability and safety

FlexLink now introduces a new chain with reduced gaps that improves the stability for the products as well safety for the operators. The chain is made in compliance with both FDA and EU regulations and is developed for our X180 (aluminum) and X180X (stainless steel) conveyor systems. It is primarily aimed for the FMCG segment but can be used anywhere reduced pinch points is favorable.

The new chain (XBTPX 3A180) has improved safety in line with customer feedback and requirements. It offers the same flexibility as the other chains in the X180 and X180X family and offers increased product stability. The chain in suitable for sensitive and small product handling.

The chain works well in dry environments but is particularly suitable in conditions where it’s exposed to liquids since its material allows washing in accordance with the hygienic demands of the customers. It is therefore a good fit in applications such as FMCG, automotive and bearings.

It has all technical characteristics of other X180 and X180X chains including width, height and thickness. This means that it’s fully compatible and could easily be installed as a replacement for existing X180 and X180X conveyor platforms.


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News: 18-10-2018

New product: Compact spiral elevator

FlexLink presents its new Compact spiral elevator solution, offering a 40% smaller footprint compared to the most common solutions on the market, saving valuable floor space.

The Compact spiral elevator allows you to maximize your production space, elevating and lowering products up to 2.3 meters over the floor. It can transport a wide variety of products and carriers, from individual parcels to pucks and cartons. It features a friction top-chain and an ultra-resistant slide rail with low friction. The Compact spiral elevator ensures gentle product handling with a continuous, and smooth, elevated production flow. The standardized solution has a low operating cost and a high meantime between failures.

Highly adaptable

With its small footprint of 585 mm in diameter, the standardized spiral gives you a seamless integration to an existing production line. By also using the FlexLink Design Tool you can easily add it into your existing or entirely new layout. The spiral comes in a variety of configurations of both in- and outfeeds, making it adaptable to your line design. This standardized FlexLink product is a continuous solution, eliminating stop losses and can be installed within a few hours.

    Technical specifications
  • Maximum load: 1 kg/m
  • Fixed speeds: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 m/min
  • Drive units with motors at both ends
  • Friction top chain with steel ball bearing. 85 mm wide
  • Low noise level: <73dB at 50 m/min
  • Soft starter and motor protection

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