Our Credo

"Papastathis Industry consultant" started with industry automation  back in 1989 by introducing FlexLink in Greece. It was founded as PAPASTATHIS BROS O.E. in 2004 and in its current form, as PAPASTATHIS BROS P.C. since 2014..


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We respect and value our customers and suppliers

Our customers: building long-term relationships are an important part of our credo. We believe in creating and maintaining long-term, mutually profitable relationship.  Where we put our considerable   knowledge and abilities to good use for our customers benefit.

Our Suppliers: we believe in fair competition and the value of good business. We believe in being a good customer, treating our suppliers fairly and equally and building a bond of trust and respect.

Maintaining confidentiality: when dealing with confidential information about our business, keep it secure and use only in a need to know manner. In the regular course of business activates suppliers, customers and competitors may tell us information that is confidential to their business. We respect these confidences

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